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Floor / Ceiling Suspended Dual type

Floor / ceiling units can both be used due to a clever design of a condensation collection system. The model has a space saving, modern design and many special features.

Floor units are quiet, easy to use and can be placed directly on the wall ( floor). These units are in their floor positioning are suitable for high glass facades or moderately insulated exterior walls. Ceiling units are quiet, easy to use and are mounted on the ceiling and do not require any special structural alterations. They are also appropriate when there is insufficient space above the false ceiling available.

The automatic, vertical discharge louver ensures good air distribution. In the ceiling position, due to their relatively high airspeed, the units are particularly suitable for larger (longer) spaces.

Thanks to the application of modern technology from most manufacturers, these units are very unobtrusive present. The noise level is so low that this is definitely not a disturbing factor. For offices, restaurants, shops, showrooms, laboratories, etc., the ceiling system is a perfect solution. All air conditioners are available in a heat pump version, which not only cools but also heats. This option enables the efficient use of air conditioning throughout the year.