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Renewable energy

zonnepanelenGiven the climate in Spain is obvious to use solar energy, which nature provides for free. this inexhaustible energy can be used to power your home or business by up to 75% of the energy required.

Also, solar panels, solar collectors and wind play in Spain an increasing role. With a heat pump makes you For example, use of heat or cold from the air. As the average temperature in Spain on average lower than zero degrees, these systems work very effectively.

Inverter Technology Although initially used not renewables, but achieves the combination with heat high C. O. P. - values ​​of 3.5-5.5 and returns of 350-550%, which is extremely energy efficient.

With the purchase of energy-efficient climate control or for generation of renewable energy systems, you will contribute to a better environment your part. In a heat energy is reused from your premises and makes this system part of the renewable energy generation.