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Airsocks are the ideal solution for transmitting large quantities of cooled or heated air into rooms where a draft-free environment and a good air distribution are necessary. These air conducting devices are characterized by being hygienic. Installation is fast and the materials are highly resistant to acidic environments, UV radiation, among other benefits, to suit any application. The air distribution ducts are made of a permeable polyester cloth, that can be delivered in nearly every RAL color.

The airspeed is very low over the entire surface of the sock, so the air velocity in the residential zone will thus always be lower than 0.2 m / s. The air distribution tubes are often used within the food industry, where low room temperatures are linked to draft-free air and the rigourous demands of a hygienic environment. Laboratories, kitchens, schools, gyms, (clothing) stores, offices and production companies are also projects where airsocks can be applied effectively.