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heat recovery unit

A heat recovery unit (abbreviation WTW) is a device that allows for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Mechanical ventilation is to say that there is as much air is dissipated as is fed. That makes for a good comfort and healthy indoor environment. What temperature it outside. You do not have proper ventilation the window so no longer open to do so. But that may be!
Heat recovery means that the heat from the air that is drained, for more than 95 percent in the supply air is used. That means significant energy savings.  Smells e. d.  get nwarmteterugwinning apparaato chance, because the separate air flows through the heat exchanger flows. That allows for the transfer of the heat from the exhaust to the supplied air. This heat would otherwise be lost, but with a HEAT EXCHANGER you can save substantially on your energy consumption.

Heat recovery device ventilation with heat recovery is very comfortable, trip gets no chance.  he air fed, after all, is already preheated and has almost the same temperature as the air in the home.

For Spain is to emphasize, that our WTW-units a  "bypass scheme ", which above and set outside temperature can be sent, so open for free-cooling or heating. An additional feature of and WTW unit is, that the fresh outdoor air can be filtered and so less you suffer from pollen, dust and other particles Interior, so effective less vacuuming or problems with poll-allergies.