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In the Workplace

A pleasant and balanced indoor climate has a positive impact on wellbeing and job performance as research shows. It has a positive effect on the comfort of shoppers and increases the fun of an evening out. If the temperature is too high, people feel uncomfortable , but as the temperature is too low, people do not feel at ease in a room. Air conditioning is no longer a luxury, but a basic requirement!

Private Solutions

A comfortable life, working and sleeping in a house with air conditioning and / or a heat pump system from Aircosta means, in the summer, cooling and winter heating at your command. You feel fitter in a living room with a pleasant indoor climate. Air conditioning is much more than some extra fresh air, cooling, heating, and ventilation, filtering out of dust particles, eliminating odors and controlling the humidity. Aircosta offers an energy efficient solution. We supply various sorts of indoor units such as Hi-wall models, floor models (possibly encased) and many others but also central air conditioning systems. With a number of systems, after completing the installation only wall, floor or ceiling grilles are visible.

However, air conditioning is greater than the regulation of the temperature:

  • It filters dust from the air, also odors, pollen and bacteria
  • Controlling the humidity to prevent mold (Important for people with respiratory problems like asthma and allergies)
  • It cools the air
  • It warms the air

All in a quiet, draft-and fault-free system

Nowadays, through a wide range of alternatives, each room has a uniquic and reliable air-conditioning system installed. We are therefore constantly busy with developments in the field of sustainability and energy savings.