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Central heating

You will find so pleasant to come home in a pleasantly warm in winter home? To make your home nice and warm, it is important that you have a good central heating boiler.  After about 12 to 15 years is your central heating boiler.  A hefty investment, do you think! Today, you can choose energy-efficient boilers.  We are happy to help you make the right choice.  

Air conditioning-Inverter Heat pump

A air conditioning with so-called Heat pump service, such as up to 4-5 years ago in the trade, consumes a lot of power and is expensive in consumption.
Air-Costa only works with reputable brands (brands such as o. a.  Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG), who also Inverter air conditioners. The purchase of such units for heating is recommended, because the average minimum temperature in Spain seven to eight degrees higher than in Netherlands and therefore their efficiency here is higher than in the North of Europe.  
This type air conditioning ´ s keep the temperature in the space is always constant, regardless of the outside temperature. Due to their high efficiency in combination with inverter technology energy savings of 30%.  Some units are equipped with a motion detector and /or sleep ´ ´ so that these properties are enhanced.  With a wide range of systems and energy saving techniques has an appropriate technique for each Climate Aircosta space, affordable and reliable solution in the field of air conditioning.  

Heat pump

In addition is possible to heating your home (or work place) support with a heat pump.  A heat pump can even provide an alternative for your central heating.  
Heat pumps are more expensive, but have a much longer life span than boilers.  More than 25 years to 30 years you can make your home or business with a heat pump heating. In doing so you consume significantly less energy!
Choosing the right heater for your home is important. Aircosta Climate engineering consultants take the time to inform you about the possibilities.