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VRF- Systems (multi-split)

If you have more than six rooms in an office or residence needing climate control, it enables you to take advantage of Multi VRF systems. This is the top of the range in terms of air-conditioning, this system can control up to 60 indoor units installed on one outdoor unit. With this system, one can cool one space and at the same time heat another space.

The inverter technology in the VRF Multi System achieved a high efficiency level, higher than previously thought possible. This makes the Multi VRF systems one of the most advanced systems on the world market. The intelligent technology ensures that the output power is adjusted to the capacity demand of that moment and to the individual needs of the user.

Because it is possible to control each conditioned zone, the energy costs will be limited to an absolute minimum. Only the areas that require cooling or heating are conditioned. At a constant airspeed and constant volume flow, the outlet temperature is continuously adapted to the actual need. This is in contrast to the so-called "Power-Switch- or On/Off -systems". The modern inverter technology combined with heat pumps makes the investment in these systems even more profitable, as the equipment can be used throughout the year.                                                                              

Because an efficiency of approximately 300%, a maximum in thermal energy will be produced, with a minimal investment on electrical energy.